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Woodpecker Playgrounds - Terms and Conditions

1. The height and any other specifications of any Wooden Jungle Gym unit, is as determined by Woodpecker Playgrounds (specifications for any unit are available on request). Changes to any specifications can be negotiated, subject to Point 2 & 4 below.

2. All changes to any of our Wooden Jungle Gyms must be agreed to when requesting a quote, only changes as per the quote will be accommodated.

3. All our new jungle gyms carry a 1 year warranty.

4. Any change to any of our standard Wooden Jungle Gym units, as per our catalogue, may incur additional costs.

(No assumption should be made about any change and Woodpecker Playgrounds will not be obliged to perform any change if we deem it unsafe to do so).

5. You will be informed of the date on which the work will commence, but this date may
change due to weather conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances. Woodpecker Playgrounds will not be liable for any damage suffered whatsoever, should the work not commence on the
original date.

6. If the soil at the position of the installation be other than normal pickable soil, extra costs as a result of this shall be to the property owners’ account. This will be discussed with the client as soon as the condition of the soil is discovered. Woodpecker Playgrounds reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, cancel the agreement should the parties not be able to agree on the additional fee payable. In such a case the property owner will not have any claim against Woodpecker Playgrounds whatsoever.

7. While due care is taken at all times, Woodpecker Playgrounds will not be liable for any damages suffered as a result of its activities (damages may include, but are not limited to damage to
underground cables, pipes, other structures etc.)

8. The property owner must supply water, electricity, and storage space if required. Should the use of a generator be required, the cost of hire as well as fuel will be for the client. (The generator does not count for loadshedding, but for sites where there are no electricity.)

9. The constructed Wooden Jungle Gym unit and all material it consists of will remain the exclusive property of Woodpecker Playgrounds, until the agreed contract price (as per our written quotation) has been paid in full. Woodpecker Playgrounds reserves the right to enter the premises and to remove the full unit, without having to restore the property to its original condition, should the purchase price have not been paid in full, despite written demand, within 14 days from the completion of the unit.

10. Only written quotations will be accepted. Woodpecker Playgrounds will not be bound by any verbal statements or requests made by an employee or anyone else.

11. Should the work be stopped by an authority or anyone else, the client will be liable for all
costs incurred by Woodpecker Playgrounds since the time the work was stopped. The damages
suffered will be calculated by Woodpecker Playgrounds, in its sole discretion, but cannot exceed
the value of the relevant unit.

12. Woodpecker Playgrounds will not be held responsible for any accident or injury occurring through the use of our Wooden Jungle Gyms or Playground Equipment installed or repaired.

13. Due to the nature of our products we have a no return policy. 

14. Please note, once your deposit payment has been made, there will be a 20% admin fee payable for any cancellation or refund requests (based on the original order amount) - subject to the approval of management. 

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